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Sally is an amazing person to work with.  I have co-facilitated healing groups with her as well as being a participant in her workshops.  Her vision board process is the best I have ever attended.  Sally’s intuition guides her to ask the right questions to lead you to the right answers. Her calm and nonjudgemental demeanor elicits the trust required to make a change.  She has advanced facilitation tools and techniques and a wealth of knowledge in diverse areas.  I highly recommend her.

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Co-Founder Cochrane Women's
Emergency Shelter Society

As one of a group of women who have experienced Family Violence, I attended a Vision Board Project that Sally Maetche led. Sally demonstrated an intuitive connection to the members of the group and she easily tuned into the feelings and perspectives of each individual participant. She was respectful and brought an element of contagious joy to the situation. By sharing of herself openly and stepping courageously into the centre of the circle, she created a safe space for these women to heal and recover from trauma. It is an honor to watch Sally as she shares her gifts with those who need help.

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Sally is a fantastic leader!  She was able to get my team working toward a united goal by creating a stronger team.  Her knowledge in change management and improvement facilitation were put to good use and allowed us to reach targets we otherwise would have missed.  If you want to optimize your team's productivity and efficiency.  I strongly recommend you give Sally a call!