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Current Retreats

All of our current retreats can be found on our facebook page

Cold Mountians

What is a Retreat?

A retreat is time away for you! 

Our retreats are offered online or in person, locally or a variety of destinations. We are constantly creating new ones.

You may join an existing retreat or we may create one for your group. 

Retreats content can be personal or professional. In some situations, a certificate is available.

What is the experience like?

Online retreats are usually less than 2 hours long. You connect on your favorite device from wherever you are-on your deck, curled up on the couch, or in your office. There are opportunities to interact with the hosts and other participants.

In person retreats allow you to leave everyday distractions behind and focus on the topic at hand with like-minded people. In person retreats are at least 4 hours long. There are a variety of activities available during longer retreats. Multi-day retreats may include meals and accommodation, as well as activities.

Both types of retreats are in a supported environment with an experienced facilitator and Registered Social Worker. 

You may join an existing retreat or you may wish to customize one for your group.

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