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Taking A Leap To Say Yes

I am asking you to take a leap into the unknown here.

It’s exactly where I am trying to create a sustainable and flourishing business, I am mid-leap.

You have a lot of unknowns when you are thinking about booking a session for the first time. I have a lot of unknowns too.

Will people show up?

Am I needed?

I think I am. I KNOW I am needed. It’s a calling, I have always been a healer, the one people lean on and come to with their crisis. The session or workshop or retreat will be a calling for you too. Are you brave enough to say yes for yourself?

If you are reading my blog right now, something has called you to me. Something inside of you is asking you to take a leap and trust what happens next is for your highest good.

Are you ready to level up?

What is stopping you? Fear? Fear of the unknown? Fear of working with someone you don’t know yet? Fear of being vulnerable? Fear that I might find out something you want to stay hidden? (I won’t.)

Guess what?

People tell me their life stories in the grocery store like I have a flashing sign over my head ‘Safe Person Here’ ‘Healer’. For me, this is normal. People are unexpectedly vulnerable with me. Unexpected to them, not me. This is my life, my world, my normal.

Let me ask you this. How many times have you walked into a situation where you had no clue what to expect or what was happening but something brought you there?

You were drawn for some reason and it turned out okay or it didn’t. Yet, here you are. You had the experience and it changed you. It may have had such a small impact on your life that you can’t even recall the situation or it may have been life-changing.

What if you are being drawn to connect with me in some way and it is life-changing… in a big way? A private session, a workshop, a retreat, are all ways we can connect. For now, we connect and build trust through blogs and social media posts, by reading the reviews and looking at my website, talking to your friends who have had their own experiences. It’s unlikely theirs will be the same, though it is fun to compare.


There are a few rules I follow in a session.

1| I don’t get information about things you want to remain private-I don’t need details.

2| I don’t talk about your session without permission. I often don’t remember much about them. It’s your information, not mine. I do take notes so I have reminders to check in with you next time. There usually is a next time, even if you don’t know why but you feel better and you are ready for more.

3| You are free to be you. No judgment. This is a safe space.

4| If you need to be referred, you are. I am here for you and what you need comes first. I have a team of trusted professionals-mental health, osteopath, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, massage therapists, chiropractors. Oh, and I can support you in the western health system navigation too.

5| If you are working with another professional, we work toward the same goals for your benefit. I certainly won’t discount their skills and I hope they don’t discount mine.

Take the leap into the unknown as Jody did. Here is what I didn’t expect and why I am writing this blog.

A new review?! YAY! Nothing is better for a new business than someone sharing their experience for the world to see and then talking about it with their friends.


Jody describes her first session as:

“First Timer without a clue! When I booked an Akashic Records session with Sally I had no idea what they even were, I just trusted Sally and felt a calling.

Nervously I Googled it the day before my session so I wouldn't have 101 questions, or

my fear - look like a dummy. What I found right from the start of the session was comfort. I chose an online session and was blown away at how personal it still felt.

Sally has a way of asking questions and getting to know what's going on in your life (and has a great connection to her Guides to help support that). Sally had asked me to come up with a question I wanted to be answered but chatting at the beginning I completely switched my question and learned SO much about myself and where my healing needed to be that day. Sally's energy makes you feel like you are sitting with your bestie at home with a coffee. If you need a little insight or just some validation from Spirit, I highly recommend getting a service from Sally! Don't know where to start? Just start with "Hello" and I promise you she will take it from there.”


I was in tears reading this review-happy tears. Then…

How DO I explain what happens in a session?

I don’t know… each one is different. The similarities from session to session are this.

I access your Akashic Records. Natasha Mott describes them as the Google of the Universe. I likely will support pieces of the session with Reiki. I channel information. I try to talk out loud, so you know what is happening and the questions I am asking and I try to repeat the information I am being told. It often makes no sense to me but when I say it, you know exactly what it means.

Ultimately you, the client, says what we are doing. (I can hear you saying ‘I have no clue what you are doing so how on earth am I the one saying what we are doing?) Remember that leap into the unknown? It’s about to get clearer.

I prepare before you arrive. I ask for support and get centered and grounded. I clear the room energetically. You will feel this but to you, it feels calming and serene even though you were a bit anxious and excited when you show up.

You arrive for your session, in person or virtually. We get to know each other and as we are talking, information is revealed that helps me to guide you in the right direction. You are the driver though. We gather more information along the way. What you see, hear, feel, know during the session tells me what is happening from your perspective and what needs to happen next-with help of course.

We both bring help and support guides, loved ones, angels, archangels, and many others. They communicate with me in different ways. I hear, see, feel and know, sometimes I smell things too.

Clients are very excited when they have the same experiences as I do. These are gifts they didn’t know they had. Sometimes, clients get nothing but darkness. Not darkness as in ‘Luke, I am your father’. Darkness like a blank slate. Don’t worry, I have a strategy for that, and usually, once you are a bit more comfortable something shows up for you.

Not much changes for me in this situation. I see the blank slate alongside you then get you somewhere familiar. Usually, I ask you to walk down a hall and walk through a door of your choosing. Behind it is your favorite place in the world, somewhere you feel most relaxed. I ask you to describe it so I know I am in the same place as you.

Sometimes, I need to catch up for a second. (I have learned that I usually end up where you thought you would be but you ended up somewhere else.) I come and go from this room while you relax, often I will share Reiki. Sometimes, I will bring you out of the room as we get into the situation you want support with once you are a bit more relaxed.

We usually get into one of your past lives. I like to get right back to the root of the first life where you had the same or a similar issue or theme. We get to work and you are very much involved. Sometimes repeating mantras after me and certainly telling me what you are experiencing. What you see, feel, know, thoughts that pop into your head, are you hot or cold. These experiences combined with our conversation all guide us in your healing session.

You may notice a difference right away, you may not notice it for a few weeks. Some people don’t notice anything. That's my husband.

He has gone with me to healing sessions to make me happy but he doesn’t notice anything. He tries to be open and he takes his leap into the unknown because it makes me happy to experience these things with him. I don’t expect him to come with me every time I invite him but I do invite him because I don’t know when, if ever he will notice something but we leap into the unknown just in case today is the day. He’ll say it isn’t the day but he goes anyway or he says, I love you and have fun, and is thrilled to head to a buddy’s to watch hockey in peace.

If you aren’t ready for a session yet, check out my workshops, or better yet, learn to access your own records.

Affirmations, Mantras, and Malas is coming up on March 31, 2022. Join me to learn how daily affirmations can help change the way you feel and think about yourself. During this workshop, you will create your own mala and learn how they are used in spiritual and mindful practices. This is also available as a private event. Pick a date, book it, gather your friends!

Akashic Records-beginner level is April 2/3, 2022. It is a beginner level but not a beginner modality. It is helpful to have experience using your clair-abilities, including channeling or reiki or another energy practice before entering this course. Registration is being coordinated by Kelly Ann Vass who I am co-facilitating with.

Note: Even though I can and do do my own readings I still need someone I trust to support me because we have our own blinders on sometimes and it’s nice to be taken care of.

See you when you are ready to reinvent yourself!


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