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All About Me

  • Akashic Records: What are they and what can I expect?
    Akashic Records are an account of every interaction you have ever had, including past lives. Homes, property, pets, furniture, land etc. all have Akashic Records that may be accessed. While many people equate Akashic Records with finding out about past lives, they can offer so much more. Healing within the Akashic Records can be powerful. Past lives can have an impact on your current life. In my experience, personal and with clients, I have seen a person struggling with pain that the western medicine system can find no reason for. There may be a reason found in a past life. It may be stuck energy or stuck emotions as well. Have you ever heard someone say, 'I carry my stress in my neck.' or 'I feel as though a weight has been lifted'. You don't see stress or the weight. It is there energetically. At times, past lives may also be impacting the way a person's body feels.
  • Reiki: What is it and are there reasons I should avoid it?
    Reiki is a form of energy. The practitioner is trained to chanel source energy/universal energy and direct it through their hands to the client. The client's body then uses it as it is needed. The reiki practitioner also assesses and supports the client's chakras. Chakras are related to parts of the body, have a color and when healthy are in balance. A reiki practitioner can support you and related ailments by assessing and understanding your chakras. Everybody can do this with guidance, training and practice! Ask Sally to show you how to make an energy ball. There are no known contraindications to reiki. It is safe for use by anyone at any age. Reiki can, and most often is done without touching the client. The practitioner's hands are slightly above the body. Reiki can also be provided from a distance and is equally as effective. Distance or in person reiki is the client's choice. Reiki is offered each session with each client.
  • What should I expect in a session?
    You arrive for your session, open minded and without expectation. We get to know each other and you tell Sally what you would like support with. Once you are comfortable, we get to work. You are very involved in your session. Sally will ask for feedback as we are working. You may be asked to repeat phrases. This is not your typical rest on a massage table and get work done. You will be involved in your healing journey. You may experience physical releases such as: gurgling stomach, crying, anger, fidgeting, gas, cool or warm sensation to name a few.
  • Are your services covered by my health benefits?
    Yes! I am a member in good standing of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). If your plan covers: Reiki, Energy Work, Alternative Health Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner, you may have coverage. Call you benefits provider to confirm. If your plan does not include alternative health practices, NHPC has drafted letters to submit to your plan provider requesting the addition services. Here is the link:
  • Do you direct bill to insurance?
    No, I have not found a platform that will allow me to direct bill. If I do find a platform that will allow me to direct bill, that will be an option as I know I have needed to access a service but have not had the funds to do so.
  • How often do I need to see you?
    This is a fantastic question! Healing is different for everyone. It happens at a different speed for each individual and very much depends on how self-aware you are. Also, as you heal and grow as a person, new things come up that either weren't an issue before or the time is right to deal with them. Healing is like an onion, many layers, some are thin, easy to work through and some are thick and need more support. I see some people weekly or every few weeks on a regular basis, some people come one time and return when they feel they need it again. Factors to consider: Time, reason for the session, your goals, the other work you are doing on and for yourself, workshops you are participating in, other self-care practices
  • How do I change or cancel my booking?
    Create an account or login to the members area. You can find it at the top of each page.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    I take cash, eTransfer, Visa, Mastercard and ApplePay. You will be prompted when booking your appointment to choose a payment type.
  • How do you practice? What is your style?
    My style is to look at root cause and themes. My sessions are interactive with clients joining me in their records and giving their feedback and what they are experiencing along the way. They are fully involved in doing the work, often repeating the mantras themselves. I support clients in the work they do and their goals. If they are working with other practitioners, I like to understand the goals they are working toward with those practitioners so we can complement the work being done. I always include reiki in a session. This also allows the client another option to submit to their benefits for if they have them.
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